Screen customers against the world's largest risk-relevant database

WiseBOS Screening
One of the most comprehensive customer screening solutions in the market, specifically designed to effectively screen customers, achieving utmost complianceand minimizing risk . It is integrated with the world’s largest risk-relevant database, provided by our partner, Bureau Van Dijk.


Integrated with BVD

Integrated with the world’s largest risk-relevant database, provided by our partner, BVD

Ensures Compliance

Provides all organizations concerned with Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) mandates with the technology to efficiently prevent criminal infiltration into the financial system

Fast & Precise

It delivers intelligent customer screening at the most critical times and in the fastest manner, thus supporting compliance, audit and governance professionals with decision-ready intelligence

Easy & Flexible

User friendly interface, monitoring capability, automatic scheduling for overnight screening

Machine Learning

WiseBOS Screening is an automated sophisticated screening platform, enhanced with Machine Learning functionalities for utmost compliance, accuracy and performance

Gain access to the latest updated Politically Exposed People (PEP) lists, Sanction lists Watchlists. Screen individuals and organizations from over 100 countries (including Iran). Check connections and relations among family members, subsidiaries, affiliates, board members and close associates.


Sanctions & Watchlists monitored


Pprofiles of corrupt officials, terrorists, PEP’s


PEPs; scored by position, level and country


Profiles added daily


Profiles focused on global sanctions and regimes


Reduction in false positives


Trusted global media sources

+ 130

Worldwide company registrars

240 countries

Coverage of 240 countries and territories

Passport check

Screen customers easy, fast, and precise to achieve the utmost in compliance and minimized risk


Four Screening Packages are available, each uniquely designed to meet any of your screening requirements.

Start your free screening today by choosing the package that satisfies your needs and achieves utmost compliance fast, easy and precise.

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Preventing Criminal Infiltration of the World’s Financial Systems

BVD helps compliance teams around the globe by delivering powerful, decision-ready intelligence and world-class risk and compliance protection, helping customers avoid doing business with the wrong people.

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