Screen customers, achieve utmost compliance and minimize risk

About WiseBOS Screening

  • Is an automated sophisticated screening platform, enhanced with Machine Learning functionalities for increased accuracy
  • Integrated with the world’s largest risk-relevant database, provided by our partner, RDC + BVD
  • Provides all organisations concerned with Anti-Money Laundering and Compliance the technology to efficiently prevent criminal infiltration into the financial system
  • Delivers intelligent customer screening at the most critical times and in the fastest manner, thus supporting compliance, audit and governance professionals with decision-ready intelligence

Screen customers | Achieve utmost compliance | Minimize risk​


Integrated with the World`s Largest Database of Risk Intelligence

Saction / PEP List

More than 130 worldwide Company Registrars

More than 200 000 media Sources​

Eliminates False Positives

Machine Learning for increased accuracy​

Natural Language Processing

Passport check

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